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Indian Ocean Ship Owners Mutual P&I Club has been created by members of the Asian ship owning Community.   Having been incorporated in Sri Lanka as a Company Limited by Guarantee, Indian Ocean ShipMutual P&I Club is very proud to be the first Asia Subcontinent domiciled P&I Shipping Mutual.

The Club only offers its ship owning members Mutual Protection and Indemnity entry.  The Club does not offer hull, cargo or insurance.
All management and operational undertakings are carried out by the Ceylon P&I Club Management Ltd. head quartered in Colombo. The Management company has drawn together a team of regionally experienced P&I professionals.
The Indian Ocean Ship Owners Mutual P&I Club is supported by Far East and Asian reinsurers. The Club is very focused on maintaining the Asian status, being less dependent on the more traditional western reinsurance markets. The strength of the Asian markets is paramount to steady continuity of the P&I Club.
Indian Ocean Ship Owners Mutual P&I Club Association’s mission is to provide a reactive and well-secured P&I service to its members. Selective entry is focused on minimizing members to exposures of the more adverse cost of incidence in the northern hemisphere, and western world. The focus of our expertise is regional to the Indian Ocean and South China Sea shipping industry.
Profitable risk management is the forefront of accepting tonnage. A conservative and well structured portfolio are the means of sustaining the Club Asian capital support. Additionally underwriting results reflect on the Club's ability to maintain strength in its mutual funds. With such philosophy, being maintained Indian Ocean Ship Owners Mutual P&I Club would be the P&I Major of Asia.
Salient Features

Club offers a limit of liability up to USD 1 billion

Club enters Tankers regional to Middle East and India

Clubs Main Underwriting criteria warrants that the vessel must be IACS so that all members benefit with good quality vessels entered in the Club

Club has very good experience with EU and Major Flag states


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Registered Office:

Indian Ocean Ship Owners’
Mutual P & I Club

Colombo 7,Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 11 780 8301
Fax: +94 11 780 8302

Managed By:

Indian Ocean P&I Club
47 Alexandra Place
Colombo 7,
Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 117 808 300
Fax: +94 117 808 303